Introducing Mixer NYC Studio

Mixer NYC Studio is now ready for action. The state of the art facility located at the flagship Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue, is designed to bring the best of live audience, competitive, and community gaming events to life. Equipped with high-quality broadcast and production capabilities, the studio will give players and viewers the ability to interact through Mixer, and other channels, globally.

Experience what’s happening on Mixer

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Inside the studio

Experience the ultimate destination for gaming fans to interact in an array of events.

  • Outfitted with professional-grade gaming stations, a control room that supports 2D and 3D graphic effects, a digital audio system with arena sound quality, full interactive lighting control, and player lounges.
  • Stage, audience, and commentary setups support both community-driven and competitive gaming events.
  • Players and viewers can tune-in globally with high-quality streaming through Mixer, and other channels player lounges.

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